Grown in pure African sunshine

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Full-flavoured dried fruits and nuts ripened naturally in East African equatorial sunshine

  • Suppliers of pure, farm-grown African goodness – nothing added
  • The perfect soil and climate for high-quality, big-flavoured ingredients for food-industry use or consumer resale
  • Delivered direct to wholesalers and brokers in 720kg pallets or in full containers of 23 pallets
  • Many farmers with organic certification
  • Helpful personal service for specialist cuts and sizes

Choose dried fruits and nuts bursting with the sun-drenched flavours your customers love. And make more of the warm and friendly service that goes with it: fruit cut to your customers’ preferred shape and size, and mixed pallets delivered to any destination in Europe.

100% natural

  • No preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • Grown on family farms, many of which are managed organically

Restaurant quality

  • Grown and ripened in Africa’s own Garden of Eden
  • Harvested, transported, and stored in line with all applicable EU standards
  • Full supply-chain traceability through every stage of processing and quality control
  • Choice of cuts and sizes for premium sales
  • Superb produce stories – each bag traceable to a named farm and harvesting date in Africa

Supports small family farms

  • Working with small-scale growers whose livelihoods depend on farming
  • Agriculture with a lower environmental impact and a bigger social return

Discover the bounty of Africa’s most fertile region

Fruits and nuts ripen better under East African equatorial sunshine, while the trees they grow on thrive under the tender care of small-scale farmers. Fruit Tales brings you this wonderful harvest, abundant with flavour and rich with the tales of the communities that grew and gathered it.

Fully certified supply chain

Fruit Tales gives you complete peace of mind. Every element of our supply chain meets rigorous international standards. Our partner in Uganda are BRCGS certified and will soon be IFS certified.

Food safety

Ethical and social compliance

Service standards

Organic produce

Our organic range is growing fast. Many of our farmers are already farming organically but do not yet have certification in place. We describe the produce of these as-yet-uncertified farmers as natural conventional.

Until all certifications are in place, the availability of organic produce will vary. When you order we’ll let you know whether we can supply certified organic or natural conventional produce.

Dried fruits and nuts from African farmers to European wholesalers

The finest dried fruit and nuts come from the fertile regions of equatorial East Africa, including Uganda, famously known as the Pearl of Africa. In this region, the rich soils, plentiful rains, and glorious sunshine come together to make small-scale family farms a productive reality. This is Africa’s Garden of Eden.

Our job is to ship this abundant harvest direct to you. We already deliver more than 4,000 tonnes of dried fruit and nuts each year to numerous countries around the world. We give them all superb African quality supported by complete traceability throughout the growing, shipping, and storage process. And at every stage, attentive customer service keeps the produce flowing and customers happy. We like to think of ourselves as matchmakers and problem-solvers; we connect Africa’s farming communities with the world’s wholesalers.

Success shared throughout the supply chain

Our ability to build productive supply-chain connections makes all the difference. Every fresh connection is a shared win for farmers, consumers, and wholesalers who delight in wonderful produce. Our work spreads wealth to Africa and brings flavour to Europe. It makes the world a better place.

Nevertheless, we’re hard-headed enough to know that everything depends on quality and service. We have to give you what you want, when you want it. And we have to be agile enough to adapt to an evolving market – one that constantly seeks better quality and wider choice.

From custom cuts and sizes to new varieties, our ability to tailor produce to the needs of your customers sets us apart. From a smaller start shipping dried mangoes and dried pineapples, we have quickly grown to offer a much wider range.

Naturally we have robust systems in place to monitor quality and safety. We work closely with our partners to monitor the whole value chain, and use only accredited laboratories for quality and safety checks. All cold stores in Europe and elsewhere conform to EU regulations. Each step in the chain is recorded and is verifiable by you, batch by batch.

Fruit Tales gives you sun-drenched African flavour to EU quality standards.

Grown in pure African sunshine