Happy Fruit Tales enjoyed across Europe and the world

About us

A beautiful fruit always raises a smile. In our case those smiles cascade down through our international supply chain – from delighted European consumers and their efficient wholesalers through the chain of shippers and storers all the way back to the families in equatorial East Africa who care for the orchards in which our fruits and nuts grow.

Our job is to make those connections as fast-moving and as trouble-free as we can. At one end we work with our European wholesale customers to keep their supplies of dried fruits and nuts flowing freely; at the other we support small-scale farmers in their efforts to make a decent family living out of farming. And in between we coordinate the work of our shippers, storers, and quality controllers to maintain the standards of taste and safety that consumers expect.

Supplying organic and conventional African produce to the world

Our international produce business began in Dubai, UAE, when we realised that the dried fruit of our sunny homeland was far superior to that which was available in the Middle East. The region’s wholesalers agreed with us. It wasn’t long before we were shipping over 4,000 tonnes’ worth of dried fruits and nuts.

Now we have a separate European headquarters in Estonia and first-class storage facilities in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Antwerp in Belgium. We have the capability to supply produce in any quantity from a single 720kg plastic pallet to multiple 23-pallet containers to any location in Europe.

Giving wholesalers the service they want

The international produce business depends on efficient logistics – providing fully documented goods on time, in the right place, and to the quality that customers expect. We leave nothing to chance; we’re in constant touch with everyone in the supply chain to make sure that you know where your consignment is, and when it will arrive. Every stage is recorded and verifiable down to each individual pack.

We’re also brimming with market insights and produce knowledge – the Fruit Tales that bring your next consignment of dried fruit to life. If there’s anything you need to know about the produce we supply, we’d love to share it with you.

Quality and documentation that meets all EU standards

Every consignment arrives with all the quality-control documentation you need to support your own customers. Each pack of fruits or nuts is traceable to the African farm on which it grew. Organic produce comes from farms certified to international standards.

This is dried fruits and nuts that you and your customers can depend on for taste, for quality, and for engaging human stories. This is produce that’s bursting with the Fruit Tales of everyday rural life.

Grown in pure African sunshine